Monday, 28 September 2009

~Discarded caddis shucks following a recent hatch~

Late Season Flurry:

With the closing days of the trout season sadly upon us, it's time to down tools for a last minute campaign by the river. Despite a prolonged dry spell and low water conditions, caddis fly were still prepared to hatch. Although a period of heightened activity leading up to dusk could be expected, it was well worth searching the pools and riffles earlier in the day. A conspicuous elk hair caddis worked through such places yielded some handsome trout. Where a fly presented static failed, imparting a little movement often invoked a response. Literally rocketing up from the depths, trout hit the fly with an impressive turn of speed-real heart in the mouth stuff.


~This spirited brownie latched firmly onto an elk hair caddis~