Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Dry Fly Bliss:


Arriving back from Iceland, it seems the second brood of Black Gnats are in full swing.  Over the last week we’ve experienced top drawer dry fly fishing when thousands of gnats carpeted our rivers for up to 6 hours a day (right).  Given their numbers, obviously trout were out on the chew.  However, a large scale event like this often tempts those huge more coveted fish out of their hidey holes. That said, you still needed to be on your game as seeing so many naturals, trout could spot any impostors a mile off whether it be a poor imitation or the way you presented it.  The APT (All Purpose Terrestrial) came up trumps on many occasions to help me bag some pretty hefty fish.



Bibio johannis (Black Gnat) up close and a single adult amounts to very little.  Yet, when scores of them tumble to the surface, trout populations tend to go bonkers over them…




Keeping low was only part of the answer, a sound imitation coupled with careful presentation got me amongst fish





A solid specimen with huge pectoral fins and in absolute prime condition…stunning!





Bragging Rights…and why not?  This lunker was the best of a special week.  He snaffled my fly in water all of 18” deep.  The ensuing fight left me a gibbering wreck for several minutes afterward