Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Big in Bosnia:


Our initial visits to the Ribnik proved beyond doubt that “big is best” in every way.  Firstly the fly life beggars belief as huge stonefly nymphs and cased caddis carpeted the underside of every stone.  Then there’s the epic hatches of Blue-Winged Olives too.  Granted this small ephemerid might not be considered large by any means, but they’re present in ‘big’ numbers.  In fact, during a hatch, you stand opened mouth and marvel at their sheer numbers.  No wonder then that these spring fed streams produce stonking great trout and grayling.



…Blue-Winged Olives emerged in their thousands.  Curiously they’re livery is more a mahogany shade than out and out olive…




With so much invertebrate life, little wonder that Bosnia is home to enormous grayling like this thumping hen fish.  Incredibly specimens like this were nothing out of the ordinary… P1010310