Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Trout Bum Country:



~Gary pokes his nose over the margins hoping to find dimpling trout~


Many of us would be lying if we didn’t admit to a fishing lifestyle of a Trout Bum made popular by john Geirach’s work.  Apparently, such people travel the globe blagging, begging and making ends meet to fund their fly fishing addiction!  Given this I didn’t feel so bad turning up on Gary Lyttle’s doorstep in Taupo NZ pretty much unannounced.  Gary (bless him) already had a house full of fishing junkies and not wanting to turn me away offered me a comfy sofa in the garage.  Full of every imaginable fishing paraphernalia (including a boat) this was pure luxury to yours truly.  Following a good night’s kip we were up early to check out a spring creek in search of rising trout.


~No prizes for guessing where this road leads to…!~