Friday, 27 January 2012

Dreaded Cloud…


Intermittent cloud often hinders those who prefer stalking river trout as ever changing light prevents your eyes from tuning in.  With that, any hope of getting our string pulled today involved lake fishing. A trip to Lake Otamangakau seemed like a plan.  Known as the “Big O” this upland water contains a head of truly giant trout.  And following a slow start we finally got amongst some serious rod benders that climaxed with me hooking and eventually losing a monstrous specimen.  Talk was that it would have dropped the scales beyond that magical 10lb mark, but I for one was not qualified to make such assumptions.  However, a string of thumping rainbows as fat as pigs more than made up for any disappointment.


~A plump hen fish well over 6lb, not a bad consolation prize~



Our drive to the lake took us through Turangi which has an impressive welcome sign of a fishermen leaning into a fish-this town certainly has its priorities in order.