Friday, 28 January 2011

~Preparing to fly~

Heli Trip:

Naturally, some of the best fishing nestles in the more remote areas, well away from the usual access. By way of begging and borrowing (though not stealing), I managed to blag myself on a heli trip into an unnamed river on the west coast of NZ. Part of the deal was that this river remained secret... As you can see, it was back to gloomy weather, pity really. Anyway the cicadas were singing and better still, trout were looking up. Using large foam dry flies we managed to tempt some stunning fish from the deep, crystal clear pools. This is perhaps one of the most memorable days I've had ever. Not because we caught heaps of fat trout, but the whole experience and seeing a river from the air gives you a totally different perspective on things. I'm already scheming to arrange another trip!


~Flying into a secluded river~

~Touching down next to the river~

~A trout rises up from the mossy depths~

~Uncharted trout...........stunning~