Thursday, 27 January 2011

~Clear skies......ideal for willow grubbing trout~

High pressure at last:

In the more remote areas of NZ internet access is understandably patchy. However, I've managed to get on line for a quick update. The weather has been ropey at best down here (I thought I was escaping that when I left London.....). Anyway, we had a high pressure for a few days which brought out the sun and encouraged willow grubs to hatch. These are grub like larvae that cause blistering on the leaves of willow trees. Many of these grubs emerge and fall into the river below, a welcome meal for watchful trout. Now, when willow grubs are in full swing they're present in their teens, so a good representation is required, as is some accurate casting. And when it all falls into place, you can expect some fairly explosive sport. Ian Cole and I had such a day when we tangled with trout up to 5lb. Granted, not double figure specimens, but bloody good fun on a 5-weight and size 20 fly. We're heading west now to more remote rivers in the search of cicada falls.


~about the size of grass seeds, trout relish these tiny willow grubs~

~Willow grubs cause blistering on willow leaves~

~Persistence and careful casting will get you trout like this~