Monday, 22 February 2010

~Mat McHugh of Fly Odyssey examines a bush cicada~

~Up close, a protein packed meal for trout~

Cicadas come Good:

Granted, it might well be what's termed a "mouse year" in NZ, but actually getting on terms with mouse feeding trout was far trickier than I imagined. Firstly the period when this mouse explosion takes place lasts for only a few weeks and even then, it can be very localised. Anyway, we were treated to some decent weather when the warmth certainly encouraged Cicadas onto the wing. These out sized beasties are poor fliers at the best of times and quickly find their way onto the water. Of course, such activities don't go unnoticed by huge trout that homed in on these water stricken insects. Usually with an impressive flurry of spray-nerve wracking stuff......

Tying on an appropriate fly is only half the story though. Having spied a trout, it's then a case of presenting the fly correctly. The softly-softly approach that works so well on my home rivers didn't wash here. Mat McHugh of Fly Odyssey has invaluable experience on New Zealand trout streams and he urged me to land the fly with a definite "plop". Such antics would have every fish bolting for the next county back home. However, here trout would quickly come to investigate any disturbance, hopefully followed by a huge mouth opening to engulf the offering........


~Flies need to land with a resounding "plop"~

~This hefty rainbow couldn't refuse a #6 cicada~