Thursday, 16 April 2009

~Nervous moments as a hefty fish nears the net~

First Uprights of the Season:

A rather drab, cloudy day saw me pacing the banks of the river. Perfect hatch conditions and by 2pm not a fly or fish stirred? Fifteen minutes later however, was a totally different story! The first olives fluttered by on a light southerly breeze. They seemed different from the Large Dark Olives we'd become accustomed to over the past month? Sure enough, we were looking at Olive Uprights and joining them a small, almost black looking upwing fly, yes Iron Blues. Certainly in this neck of the woods both species are a couple of weeks early. Thankfully the trout were just as pleased to see hatching duns and responded accordingly. Not many fish, but a good stamp of wild trout that fought with blistering pace.